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Paula Stradiņa skola (The Pauls Stradiņš school)

The Pauls Stradiņš school department of the museum “Sēlija”, it is possible to visit the study of prof. P. Stradiņš and the living room of Stradiņi, exhibits in the replace hall, handicraft classroom, classroom of A. Brodele, study of Gotthard Stender, classroom of Kāpēcis and the exhibition about history of the town.


• Doctor Pauls Stradiņš and his family in Viesīte town.
• Gotthard Friedrich Stender and his heritage.
• Classroom of literature named by writer Anna Brodele.
• First aid room (medical room).
• Classroom of Kāpēcis.
• Exhibition hall.
• The Classroom of history (going on reconstruction).

Outdoor exhibiotion:
• Flowerbed of vulnerary plants “Health foot”.